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For Mumma Bear

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For Mumma Bear

Why I’m putting my foot down

Some of you may know some of you may not… Our beautiful Mumma Bear was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer back in October of last year. As you can imagine this was extremely hard hitting and quite honestly shocking news to both Mum and to all of us, her loved ones. 
The diagnosis is not something Mum or we have ever or do ever want to focus on! Instead since that day of diagnosis Mum has shown nothing but true courage, resilience, grit, determination, love, fight and a never give up attitude! Our loved ones, you know who you are have shown the utmost unconditional love, support, strength, wisdom, kindness, unwavering hope and light. It is in times like this that true love shines through and by god have we been showered with ‘true love’!! 
I and we as a team. Team Mumma Bear G that is will be banding together and walking to raise much needed funds and awareness into the research to find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer. Pancreatic cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer related deaths in Australia, with a very low survival rate of 11.5%!!! 
If you are lucky enough to know our Mum, to be her family, her friend, her loved one, to have been in her presence, shared a laugh with her or just in general been blessed by her love and the support she has always shown and given others then we ask you to please show her your love and support in return. Now is your chance to give back to her!!!
Please we ask for your support, a small donation goes a very long way. 
All our love always, 
Team Mumma Bear G ???

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Team For Mumma Bear

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    PanKind Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Limited

    PanKind The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is exclusively dedicated to pancreatic cancer and represents, supports and advocates for all Australians impacted by the disease. We have a focus on early detection research to ultimately increase survival rates and quality of life for Australians impacted by the disease. Only with this laser focus and commitment to solving the pancreatic cancer problem will we see results, and this represents the greatest hope for pancreatic cancer patients and their families.

    PanKind has invested over $11 million into cutting-edge pancreatic cancer research at Australia's top institutions since 2007 and we are committed to making an impact on one of the deadliest cancers with a mission to triple the survival rate by 2030. We want individuals and organisations to join us on the journey so we can solve the problem together. PanKind, The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

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